Real-life accounts of people healing with chiropractic

I have a dream that within this decade chiropractors will be recognized as the “go to” health experts around the globe. I’d like you to participate in this dream by becoming a published author and sharing your successes with your community and the world. This professional book will contain 150 + pages of chiropractic/wellness health gems that each of the contributing co-authors can utilize to market themselves and their practices. I, Dr. Gilles LaMarche, will write the introduction chapter. Each co-author will be responsible to submit a 500-word (+/-) story in MS Word using Times New Roman 12 font. Your work will be fully corrected and edited by industry professionals. When applicable, we will add 1-2 scientific references that “back up” each story. A professional book designer will create the cover and the design the book. You will also be provided with attractive “starburst” custom labels/stickers, containing your contact information, to apply to the cover of your copies. This book will become a central tool for your practice marketing and brand recognition. People in your community will recognize and respect you for this accomplishment. I will also provide you with a book gifting script that has worked extremely well for others and me. Having used books as my central marketing tool to build a large wellness-based practice, I can tell you that being a published author has opened and continues to open many doors for me. Thank you for choosing to participate and welcome to the world of published author.


The ART of Being Healthy –real-life accounts of people healing with chiropractic