Executive Coach

The coaching process is based upon the creation of a powerful synergistic partnership between coaches and their clients.  This synergy supports clients in maximizing their potential, achieving desired outcomes, and reaching the pinnacle of success.  They are empowered to fully live the life of their dreams. The below coaching questionnaire helps to understand yourself via the coach’s point of view.

Commitment is one of the most critical components of successful coaching relationship.  It must be a reciprocal arrangement between both client and their coach.  As a coach completely dedicated to my clients’ success, I provide structure and support in an uplifting environment that empowers clients to achieve their goals and aspirations.  You must make a commitment to take the actions necessary to achieve the goals we develop.

The coaching process is highly effective when both parties are committed.  Massive changes quantum leaps in improvement, and astonishing development are all possible.  Clients committing to this partnership will move forward quickly.  They will find clarity and purpose instead of confusion.  They will achieve satisfaction and minimize frustration.  With firm support, motivation, and guidance, our clients will be able to face and change old ineffective beliefs and patterns.

The coaching sessions result in the clarification of goals, identification of purpose, recognition of achievements, development of short- and long-term action plans, and the commitment to act on those plans.  Through this process, clients move quickly and effectively towards their goals and dreams.  They create great success along the way and develop the life they want and truly deserve.


Throughout the coaching process, we will form a powerful partnership with you to:

  • Develop strategies to utilize your strengths most effectively
  • Determine action plans and monitor progress in attaining goals
  • Improve your sense of inner peace and self-control
  • Manage change and conflict
  • Develop focus, drive and momentum
  • Maximize performance and potential
  • Maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life
  • Increase self-awareness and insight
  • Build on your commitment and confidence.

Coaching Readiness Questionnaire

Prepare yourself to receive the greatest benefit!  The more you put into your coaching sessions the more value you will receive.  Please take time to complete the questions below which are designed to help you and me, your coach, prepare for outstanding results.  We are looking forward to supporting you in a committed, results-oriented partnership.


Q. Have I ever had a session with a professional coach?
Q. In what areas do I believe that my life or business would improve if I worked with a professional coach over time?
Q. What am I most looking for in a coach and/or Coaching Partnership?
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My Questions??

What initially got me started on the road to becoming a doctor (what motivation, event, etc?)
When I first started, where did my patients come from (what strategy, method or action did I use?)
How did I originally attract new patients?
How do I now attract new patients? How have my methods for generating new patients changed since the inception of my practice?
Originally, what attitude did I possess attempting to build my practice and how has that attitude changed (if it has)?
Which of my marketing efforts brought in the bulk of my new patients? What percentage of business comes from this?
What ongoing marketing efforts do I personally perform now?
How do these functions differ from those I performed when I started my practice?
Where do my patients come from specifically (demographics)?
What do I believe is my greatest single competitive advantage?
What aspect of my practice am I most proud of?
Who else benefits from my success: excluding patients, employees and family members?
How many of my suppliers would be motivated to help me grow my practice more because it will directly benefit them at a high level? Who are they?
When I create a new patient for my practice, who else have I indirectly created a new customer for?
Who is my target market and why do I believe this to be so?
What is my practice philosophy as it relates to my patients?
What is my vision for my practice for the next: 6 months 1 year 3-5 years 10 years
What or where is my biggest opportunity that will help me achieve this vision?
What is my greatest strength, and is it consistent with this opportunity?
What is my average new patient referral ratio per staff member? Is it acceptable and reflective of well educated CAs and what are the steps I am taking (or going to take) to improve it?
What is the “lifetime value” of my typical patient (e.g., how much revenue will he/she generate for me over the entire period he/she patronize my clinic)?
What is the biggest patient complaint about my clinic (or do I even know?), and how does my clinic address the problem?
What is my Unique Compelling Offer or UCO (known in the business would as USP (unique Selling Proposition)? (Why do my patients choose me over other doctors? What distinguishes me from others?
Is my UCO a consistent theme in all of my marketing, teaching and communication efforts? If yes, how, and if no, why not?
My marketing program or marketing mix: (All the different types of marketing I use and how they interrelate; e-g., yellow pages, in house, advertisements, direct mail, etc.)
What do other DC’s offer that I do not?
What steps do I take to offset their advantage? Are they working? If not, what needs to be changed? Could I co-op my marketing efforts with other colleagues?
What is the biggest failing of other DC’s in my area and how do I choose to specifically fill that void?
Do I use direct response marketing concepts? (Those designed to induce an immediate and measurable response.) If no, why not?
How much time each month do I devote to marketing?
Do I have a marketing director? If so, described below are his/her primary responsibilities and duties:
Do I have a written marketing plan that I adhere to? If so, please explain it.
Is the plan based on a fixed budget number (e.g., $2000/month in direct mail), or is it a variable percentage of collections?
What do my patients really want? (Be specific; don’t just answer “a quality service or someone who cares.”) How do I know?
What are the methods I have used to obtain my existing patients (from best to worst)?
What does it cost me to get a new patient? (E.g., If I ran an advertisement that cost $1,000 and I attained two new patients my cost would be $500)?
What method have I tested to decrease this cost?
What is my biggest and best source of new patients and am I doing everything possible to secure this source? If no, why not?
What has been my biggest marketing success to date (defined as a specific promotion, advertising campaign, telemarketing script, etc.) and, am I still using it?
What is my biggest marketing challenge today? Described below in its entirety as candidly and directly as possible, including any personal, financial, and transactional implications it may impose.
What problem does my service solve for the patient? Described are my patients needs and the positive results my service provides.
Do I have an adequate supply of patient testimonials, and is there a system in place for their capture? Are they written, on audiotape or videotape, and how are they used in marketing?
Describe the best specific result I have produced for one of my patients.
Do I actively solicit patient referrals? If so, how effective is this strategy, and if not, why not?
Have I ever tried to reactivate my former patients and non-converted prospects? Explain.
Do I make consistent efforts to communicate with and educate my patients about what my clinic is doing to help them? How formal, informal, or systematic is the process?
Are there other products or different services I could be providing but am not?
What is my patient attrition rate?
How can my patient attrition rate be improved (be specific)?
Have I tried different types of bonus programs for employees? How did they affect production?
How do I capture the names, address, and phone numbers of my prospects? Do I use them in my marketing programs?
How much time do I personally devote to TEAM training?
Are my ads working? How do I know?
What is my student loan debt?
What is my strategy for paying off my student loan debt (if applicable)?
What is my practice loan debt (if any)?
What is my strategy for paying off my practice debt (if applicable)?
To date what price have I paid financially, emotionally, time wise etc. to get to where I am right now? What price am I willing to pay to get to where I want to be in the future? Is it enough?
What is my personal debt (e.g., house, cars, personal credit cards etc., everything except student loans and practice loans)?
What is my strategy for paying off my personal loan debt (if applicable)?
What major expenses will I be incurring in the future (e.g., children’s college education, second home, etc.)(if applicable)?
What is my strategy for generating the necessary income to meet these expenses (if applicable)?
Please provide character references other than immediate and/or distant relatives and provide each reference’s telephone number, people you would feel I could speak with, to help assess who you are – talents, skills, and roadblocks. These people will only be called once you have agreed and you have arranged our call with them.
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